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How to use the paragraph block

Learn everything you need to know to use the paragraph block in your forms.

When to use

Use the paragraph block to show a static block of text without any input controls for your respondents.

Screenshot of a paragraph in Tripetto
Demonstration of a paragraph block with an image.

How to use

Add a new block to your form and then select the question type Paragraph. You can now customize this block to your needs with the following features:


  • Text
    Use the Text feature for the name/title of this block.
  • Caption
    Use the Caption feature to add an extra caption to this block.
  • Description
    Enable the Description feature to add a description to this block.
  • Image
    Enable the Image feature to add an image to this block.
  • Video
    Enable the Video feature to embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo to this block.
  • Help text
    Enable the Help text feature to add a help text to this block.


  • Visibility
    By default this block is visible in your form. Enable the Visibility feature to hide it for your respondents.
Screenshot of the form builder in Tripetto
Settings in the paragraph block.

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