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  • danfadida August 2023

    Fantastic plugin and support!

    10x better than other questionnaire form plugins I have tried. Additionally, the support is FANTASTIC! The support is worth the 5 stars alone!

  • muyiwa March 2023

    Best form app in 10 years.

    This is the best form app I've ever used in my over 10 years of WordPress development. It was simple, intuitive, didn't give me any issues.

  • tasksdoneright February 2022

    Tripetto is worth every cent!

    Take it from a team who builds a lot of WordPress forms for marketing, sales and customer support processes — Tripetto is worth every cent!

  • raypierce March 2023

    Great Plugin.

    It is simple to use and looks nice.

  • bousrui February 2023

    A lot of potential.

    Tripetto UI and logical conditions are very intuitive, beautiful and complete.

  • agetea June 2022

    We own our data.

    Tripetto is the best solution for us. We own our data and it is so easy to use.

  • remrick March 2021

    Outstanding. Excellent. A bargain.

    Tripetto is amazing at every level - styling, built in conversational forms or regular forms, conditional logic, dynamic variables, on and on.

  • obock May 2022

    I highly recommend it!

    It's super useful and the support is on point!

  • markxkr May 2021

    WOW! 5⭐ Product & Support.

    Amazingly simple product to use. Support is what you dream of getting, but rarely do; just so helpful and go that extra mile.

  • lianne_interpro February 2021

    Saving us time and money.

    Now with calculations we can automatically rank job applications saving us time and money.

  • isyedme March 2021

    Best install I've ever made on WordPress!

    My clients love it so much. The features are outstanding and the calculator couldn't have been more sophisticated and awesome!

  • franko February 2021

    If you like TypeForm, you will love Tripetto.

    WordPress plugin is working great. If you like TypeForm and its conversational style, you will love Tripetto.

  • movedbymark January 2021

    Finally! A smooth, user-friendly, beautiful UI form builder!

    Tripetto is hands-down my new favorite plugin.

  • brokrbindr July 2021

    Tripetto is our best option for forms and data collection.

    We have embraced Tripetto as our primary supplier for data-collection forms. Tripetto is a serious company with a good product… we are fans!

  • expnomad September 2020

    Ahead of the curve.

    As with everything, takes a moment to learn, but Tripetto does more than expected and is priced reasonable, better than everyone else.

  • mohammadimran October 2019

    Logic, tick. Answer piping, tick.

    Tripetto ticked the boxes I needed. Logic, tick. Answer piping, tick. Conversation style forms, tick.

  • TNAZ Designs February 2021

    I love Tripetto beyond words.

    I love Tripetto beyond words. I love the organizational aspect, the app, the team.

  • hayssamh August 2020

    Head and shoulders above the rest.

    Tripetto is going to skyrocket once the word about it gets out. It is BY FAR the best solution to create powerful, didactic and fun forms.

  • attrexx August 2020

    Pleasantly surprised.

    Was looking for a free (or at least fair priced) alternative to Typeform and was pleasantly surprised to find this beauty.

  • paul_crossley February 2021

    Gotta love it!

    The support has been great, I had a response within 20 or 30 minutes. The bonus was that he resolved my issue in his first response! Gotta love it!

  • karimmypersonalway October 2019

    Very intuitive!

    Very intuitive! With nice live preview. In addition, support is always available for any questions.

  • baghdad_boy May 2020

    Best. No questions.

    If you're not using Tripetto, you're losing valuable form submission from your customers because your form is too complicated.

  • svaghari November 2019

    None had the same feature-set.

    I looked at tons of other plugins to get similar functionality, however none of them had the same feature-set or UI.

  • osconnect October 2022

    Saved me over €550 (just this year to start with!)

    Coming from Typeform, with Tripetto I have exactly the same features and I pay $99.00/year.

  • timoschmitt1993 February 2023

    Tripetto is just awesome.

    Tripetto is simply unbeatable. I wish I had found it a few years ago.

  • michaelp April 2022

    Powerful tool, only limited by your imagination.

    Way beyond my expectations. A powerful tool with many uses only limited by your imagination.

  • arturscavone July 2022

    Sophisticated logic possibilities.

    This plugin allows complex and sophisticated navigation to solve decision problems.

  • britt April 2022

    Great software.

    This is one of the best of it's kind!

  • kgjermani January 2022

    Amazing forms, miles ahead.

    Excellent plugin for market research surveys — the polish on the front end is miles ahead of alternatives. The conditional logic is extremely robust.

  • amkordesign February 2023


    You can achieve anything in no time.

  • joaquinreyes November 2021

    This is just better!

    I've been trying Tripetto for a couple of hours. Coming from WPForms (conversational addons). This is just better!

  • artimondigital February 2022

    Very powerful tool, yet simple to use.

    It's a very impressive tool, quite easy to use, with an already great set of features.

  • nickbeebox October 2021

    Tripetto is great and feature packed.

    After trialling several conversational forms, I found Tripetto to be the one. Easy to use, excellent tutorials and rocket-fast support.

  • Tiziano Fogliata June 2021

    Easy to use but extremely powerful.

    This plugin is easy to use, but extremely powerful. The documentation is very complete and detailed. And the support is fast and effective.

  • filip_van_hoeckel1 February 2021

    Replacing Gravity Forms, Typeform and Jotform.

    We have been using Tripetto for close to a year, replacing Gravity Forms in WordPress and Typeform/Jotform implementations.

  • suram September 2021

    A 7 Star Plugin 🏆🏆

    Amazing plugin with great functionality and WordPress nativity. Functionality 5/5 | Simple to use 5/5 | Support 5/5 | Value for money 5/5

  • richpw February 2021

    It's a joy.

    I was a long-time user of Typeform but decided to look around. Stumbled across Tripetto and it's a joy, both to use and to interact with the team.

  • prestonesto December 2019

    Closest thing you will get to Typeform.

    It's the closest thing you will get to Typeform without any bugs, issues and a really fast and responsive customer support team.

  • dreadsupp January 2021

    The best wordpress form and survey plugin.

    I've probably checked around 30 other plugins in this category but this one is definitely the best! Full of features, intuitive, fast and good looking.

  • drhazeface April 2020

    BOOM! Bookings filling up fast.

    Set my client up with Tripetto on his site and boom, his bookings are filling up fast.

  • ericlucas December 2019

    Gives a PRO touch and feel.

    Tripetto can give a PRO touch and feel to our website. And it gave me new ideas of useful things to help our visitors, thanks to its conversational system.

  • dennis.maksimov May 2020

    Just LOVE it now!

    Took half an hour to get a decent idea of how to use it, but I just LOVE it now. Super easy to use and does the job very well.

  • silksmoov July 2020

    Hands down the best.

    I have tried most of the top smartform platforms. Tripetto is hands down the best and has the most features.

  • stoxpro7 September 2019

    Captured my whole thought process.

    It literally captured my whole thought process, allowing me to ask my web visitors all the right questions and still be witty at the same time!

  • divingintux May 2020

    Great form at reasonable price.

    The forms look pleasant to the visitor, the logic is easy to comprehend, and the features are plentiful.

  • avijeet15 March 2019

    A no brainer!

    100% Recommend to anyone. It's a no brainer to use.