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  • Ahead of the curve.

    As with everything, takes a moment to learn, but Tripetto does more than expected and is priced reasonable, better than everyone else.

  • Logic, tick. Answer piping, tick.

    Tripetto ticked the boxes I needed. Logic, tick. Answer piping, tick. Conversation style forms, tick.

  • Head and shoulders above the rest.

    Tripetto is going to skyrocket once the word about it gets out. It is BY FAR the best solution to create powerful, didactic and fun forms.

  • Pleasantly surprised.

    Was looking for a free (or at least fair priced) alternative to Typeform and was pleasantly surprised to find this beauty.

  • Gives a PRO touch and feel.

    Tripetto can give a PRO touch and feel to our website. And it gave me new ideas of useful things to do in order to help our visitors, thanks to its conversational system.

  • A no brainer

    100% Recommend to anyone. It's a no brainer to use.

  • Very intuitive!

    Very intuitive! With nice live preview. In addition, support is always available for any questions.

  • Best. No questions.

    If you’re not using Tripetto, you’re losing valuable form submission from your customers because your form is too complicated.

  • Closest thing you will get to Typeform.

    It’s the closest thing you will get to Typeform without any bugs, issues and a really fast and responsive customer support team.

  • BOOM! Bookings filling up fast.

    Set my client up with Tripetto on his site and boom, his bookings are filling up fast.

  • Just LOVE it now!

    Took half an hour to get a decent idea of how to use it, but I just LOVE it now. Super easy to use and does the job very well.

  • Hands down the best.

    I have tried most of the top smartform platforms. Tripetto is hands down the best and has the most features.

  • Captured my whole thought process.

    It literally captured my whole thought process, allowing me to ask my web visitors all the right questions and still be witty at the same time!

  • Great form at reasonable price.

    The forms look pleasant to the visitor, the logic is easy to comprehend, and the features are plentiful.

  • None had the same feature-set.

    I looked at tons of other plugins to get similar functionality, however none of them had the same feature-set or UI.

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