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A remarkably flexible tool for smart forms and surveys

Create smart conversational forms and surveys for your online audiences to boost their engagement and response.

  • Build In Visual Form Builder
  • Use Advanced Form Logic
  • Style Your Forms
  • Preview Live
  • Self-host Data
Screenshot of the visual form builder in the studio

Your forms and surveys work as beautifully fluent interactions to engage your online following

Get creative with extensive theming options to match your exchanges and brand experience for optimal response, and store collected data where you want.

Engage conversationally

Make the interactions with your online audiences irresistibly personal by presenting them as eleganty flowing conversations.

Customize appearances

Customize the presentation of forms and surveys extensively to fit them neatly with your brand experience and the occasion.

Store GDPR-friendly

Decide where you host your forms and surveys and where you store collected data, so you stay in full control all the way through.

All the pieces you need for composing unbelievably smart forms and surveys

The building blocks you use to build your interactions are highly versatile and go far beyond just the common question types with the advanced abilities of action and condition blocks in Tripetto.

We welcome and consider all suggestions for new building blocks.

Input Blocks

Tripetto naturally supports all the commonly used form question types (i.e. building blocks).

Email AddressEmail Address
File UploadFile Upload
Multiple ChoiceMultiple Choice
Radio ButtonsRadio Buttons
Static TextStatic Text
Text - Single LineText - Single Line
Text - Multiple LinesText - Multiple Lines

Action Blocks

Enhance your forms with powerful action blocks to perform smart tasks in the background.

API IntegrationAPI Integration
CalculatorCalculatorComing soon
Hidden FieldHidden Field

Condition Blocks

Make forms smart by intelligently and automatically directing flows with dynamic condition blocks.

Device SizeDevice Size
LocationLocationComing soon
WeatherWeatherComing soon

The visual form builder actively helps you make smart forms and surveys with logic

The studio's clever self-organizing drawing board dramatically simplifies the usually problematic use of appropriate logic necessary for making data collection flows feel more like conversations to maximize response.

Animation of the visual form building, used to easily create form logic Arrange building blocks and flows on the drawing board to build your form and preview it on the right

Visual form building

The intelligent drawing board visualizes what you're making and actively helps you organize your form's structure and logic.

Advanced logic support

The visual editor instinctively triggers the use of logic, such as branching, skipping, jumping and various culling modes.

Theming and styling

The extensive theming and styling options let you match your interactions to your brand and the occasion.

Live preview

See your creations come to life as a working form or survey in the real-time preview for all common device sizes.

Flexible sharing options

Decide how and where you want to share your forms and surveys, and where collected data should be stored.

The Tripetto studio is free for everyone

Seriously, the use of the studio is free while we work hard at achieving feature parity with mainstream form and survey solution providers.

Feel free to try our WordPress plugin. Also, we're wide open to suggestions for improvements.
Start Creating The studio is made with the open source Tripetto SDK

Use these helplines if you have trouble using the studio