Hosting freedom is mandatory.

Decide where your data is stored. Could be at Tripetto. But maybe better elsewhere, bypassing Tripetto entirely. That’s cool, too!

Host GDPR-friendly
Visual of 2 humans representing hosting freedom.
We don’t need your data, so you can walk with it.

Be our guest, or host yourself.

  • Illustration representing Hosted by Tripetto

    Hosted by Tripetto

    Store all your data safely in your Tripetto cloud.

  • Illustration representing Hosted in WordPress

    Hosted in WordPress

    Host everything entirely inside your WordPress.

  • Illustration representing Self-hosted


    Host data wherever you want outside of Tripetto.

Hosted by Tripetto


Tripetto in the cloud

  • Available at
  • Store forms and data at Tripetto
  • Free and pay-once per form (not recurring)
Scene illustrating the Tripetto studio.

Tripetto studio is a fullblown, online form solution. The forms you build and data you collect with the studio are all safely stored inside your own account in the Tripetto cloud. You can always easily extract your work and results.

About the studio

Hosted in WordPress

WP Plugin

Tripetto inside WordPress

  • Runs completely inside WordPress
  • Store data inside the plugin only
  • Free and paid subscriptions
Scene illustrating the Tripetto WordPress plugin.

The WordPress plugin is a complete, stand-alone form solution. Everything you build and collect with the plugin is exclusively stored inside your own WordPress. Nothing ever touches any other platform, unless you choose to.

And with the extensive WordPress roles management in the plugin, you can assign data access and capabilities to designated roles. About the WordPress plugin

Hello GDPR!

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changed everything in the global privacy landscape in 2018 by putting the onus on the data controller — the company providing a service — to keep data safe, secure and auditable.”

Illustration for GDPR

Don’t trust someone else with your form data

How self-hosting helps you keeping data ownership.



Tripetto studio + FormBuilder SDK

  • Build forms in Tripetto studio
  • Self-host all forms and data
  • Paid SDK license required
Scene illustrating the Tripetto FormBuilder SDK with hybrid setup.


Tripetto FormBuilder SDK

  • Build forms inside your app or site
  • Self-host all forms and data
  • Paid SDK license required
Scene illustrating the Tripetto FormBuilder SDK with custom setup.

With the hybrid and custom self-hosting scenarios you decide where your data is stored, bypassing Tripetto entirely. Your self-hosted data never reaches Tripetto servers at all. You’re in total charge of everything.

The self-hosting scenarios require developer skills and our FormBuilder SDK. About the FormBuilder SDK
FormBuilder SDK for developers

Take total charge of hosting.

Tripetto’s FormBuilder SDK contains fully customizable components for equipping apps and websites with a comprehensive form building and deploying solution.

Learn More Fun fact, the Tripetto studio and Tripetto WordPress plugin are both built with this SDK.