Give life to forms and surveys.

Tripetto is like SurveyMonkey, Typeform and Landbot united, but with a really fresh vision on conversational data collection.

  • I love Tripetto beyond words.

    I love Tripetto beyond words. I love the organizational aspect, the app, the team.

  • It’s a joy.

    I was a long-time user of Typeform but decided to look around as the pricing was becoming ridiculous. Stumbled across Tripetto and it’s a joy, both to use and to interact with the team behind the scenes.

  • Ahead of the curve.

    As with everything, takes a moment to learn, but Tripetto does more than expected and is priced reasonable, better than everyone else.

  • Logic, tick. Answer piping, tick.

    Tripetto ticked the boxes I needed. Logic, tick. Answer piping, tick. Conversation style forms, tick.

  • If you like TypeForm, you will love Tripetto.

    WordPress plugin is working great. If you like TypeForm and its conversational style, you will love Tripetto.

  • Very intuitive!

    Very intuitive! With nice live preview. In addition, support is always available for any questions.

  • Closest thing you will get to Typeform.

    It’s the closest thing you will get to Typeform without any bugs, issues and a really fast and responsive customer support team.

  • Finally! A smooth, user-friendly, beautiful UI form builder!

    Tripetto is hands-down my new favorite plugin.

  • Gives a PRO touch and feel.

    Tripetto can give a PRO touch and feel to our website. And it gave me new ideas of useful things to do in order to help our visitors, thanks to its conversational system.

Enter Tripetto. Wake-up call for form tool dinosaurs.

We merged the best of SurveyMonkey, Typeform and Landbot into a single conversational solution with innovative features to let you build personable forms and surveys for all your audiences to boost completion rates for better insights.

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Giving life to forms and surveys

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