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The website you’re on right now currently only covers our full-fledged Form Kit for developers. We’re working hard to add more soon about the Tripetto App for all.

Enter Tripetto

‒ A full-fledged form kit to rapidly create and deploy smart flowing forms and surveys. Drop the kit into your codebase to get everything you need. And be the single host of your own data.

Docs, examples and boilerplate included

Everything you need to hit the ground running. All free.
Docs, examples and boilerplate included

Create forms

The visual editor is for creating forms with clever flows on a self-organizing drawing board. It visualizes your form's flow and structure and helps you use all the right logic for skipping questions, branching the flow and much more.
  • Runs stand-alone or integrated in projects

  • Add and arrange form building blocks visually

  • Clever self-organizing drawing board

  • Works everywhere with touch and mouse

You can integrate the editor into your project

Firing up the editor in 1, 2, 3

Integrates into your own projects. Seamlessly.

1. Add the editor CDN to your page

<script src=""></script>

2. Add an HTML element to your page

<div id="Editor"></div>

3. And then start the editor

  var editor =
    new Tripetto.Editor({


Collect response

The collector library is for form deployment and response collection in your projects. It runs your forms built with the editor, handling all logic and response delivery. Also, it's the front-end for your forms, and infinitely customizable. You have full control over the form UI. The collage below just shows some example collector implementations.
Collect response

Fully flexible UI

We don’t impose any particular UI for the form visuals. Apply any UI framework you like.
We offer out-of-the-box templates for React, Angular, Material-UI, Angular Material and Bootstrap.
The collector runs forms on the client like a program. No server round trips. Form output is delivered straight to you.
The collector also supports pausing and later resuming right where a respondent left off. Even on different devices.
  • Tripetto plays very well with React
  • Tripetto plays very well with Angular
  • Tripetto plays very well with Material-UI
  • Tripetto plays very well with Bootstrap

You bring the front-end, we'll bring the engine

And with out-of-the-box templates for React, Angular, Material-UI, Angular Material and Bootstrap. Extensive docs, examples and typings included. All free.

Extend your kit

The TypeScript SDK is for developing customized form building blocks to extend Tripetto far beyond its default capabilities. With custom blocks you can hook our form kit up to anything, making your forms ever more sophisticated. Develop what you want - a Stripe payment block in registration forms, response delivery to Slack, pulling live tweets into your poll, having weather-dependent junctions in surveys. Essentially anything you might imagine goes.
Extend your kit

Easy-to-use boilerplate

Start from scratch, alter default blocks or jumpstart a custom build with our boilerplate.
Building blocks should be so much more than just plain question types. Use our TypeScript SDK for your custom pieces.
The editor and collector come with default building blocks to get you going fast. But you can build anything you dream up.
Download the boilerplate and start developing your own blocks
Custom form building blocks are your key to personality

Custom form building blocks are your key to personality

The power of custom blocks is only limited by your imagination. You'll bend and extend the kit your way. Fast.

Why Tripetto?

Tripetto is a timesaver first and foremost. There’s multiple ways you can put the kit to work for you. It's perfectly bendable. Extendable. Heck, it's even brandable. And you're the single host of all the form response and data.
Form creation from idea to rollout, simplified. Looking for a full form builder in your application? Hello! We've solved that for you. There's multiple ways to implement Tripetto.
The graphical editor makes you gladly forget that building forms is usually tedious. It triggers the use of intelligent form flows instinctively. Because it's clear and easy now.
You and only you are in control. We host or store nothing. You decide how and where you use the editor, deploy created forms and store response. On your turf and terms. GDPR-compliance in your hands.
Chrome, Safari, Firefox and even Edge. All of Tripetto works on all the major platforms - mouse, touch-screen or pen. And it works precisely the same everywhere. We got you.
You have your own M-O and preferred solutions. We don't want to impose particular approaches or prescribe how you work Tripetto. You just roll your way.
You can put our form kit and its components to work in many different ways - together or seperately. And because it's extendable, only your imagination is the limit.
Extensive documentation, lots of examples, boilerplates, typings and out-of-the-box templates are included. All for free.

Loves React, Angular and more...

You have full UI freedom for the form visuals. Apply any framework you like. Or pick out-of-the-box templates for React, Angular, Material-UI, Angular Material and Bootstrap.
A weather-triggered survey. Pulling in live tweets for a poll. A registration form with built-in Stripe payments. Build custom blocks with our free TypeScript SDK. Your imagination is the only limit. And feel free to share your creations.
Fully integrate our editor into your project and unlock its powerful UI and capabilities as part of your own application. Decide for yourself how and where you want to run the created forms and store response. With our paid product, you can replace our brand with your own. We won't tell.
Get convinced at no charge. And the stand-alone editor, collector and blocks are free no matter what. You only pay if you're integrating the editor in business applications.

We believe good forms are smart forms

Forms should flow like conversations. But those only really work with sound logic. And building the right logic can be challenging. Tripetto solves this with its clever 2D drawing board. And more.

Get notified about updates

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