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How to use scores in your calculations

You can grant scores to options in your form to use in your calculations, for example to score given answers in a quiz.

When to use

Use the calculator block when you want to perform calculations inside your form. One of the options of the calculator block is to calculate the score of a respondent based in the given answers. For example:

  • Calculate the score of a trivia quiz;
  • Calculate the grade for an online assessment/exam.

These are just some examples. Basically you can calculate anything you want with the calculator block. Please have a look at our calculator features overview to see everything you can do with the calculator block.

Screenshot of a quiz in Tripetto
Demonstration of scoring quiz questions.

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In the article you're reading now we describe how to use scores in your calculator blocks. For global instructions about the calculator block, please have a look at this article:

How to use

Scoring helps you to quickly calculate certain values, based on the given answers. This lets you score all options of question blocks where the respondent can choose from a list of options, for example a dropdown block, radio buttons block or a picture choice block (single and multiple selection).

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In the article you're reading now we describe how to add scores inside a calculator block. But in most cases you can also use the instant scoring feature inside a question block itself, instead of adding a separate calculator block. We wrote a separate article about that:

Add operation

You can use scores inside each operation. From the menu to add an operation, you will see a menu item Score (if you have an empty form, you will see these menus directly). This lists all blocks in your form that support scores. From that list, select your question block that you want to attach scores to.

Setup scores

Now you can enter the score for each of the possible options of the selected question. Just enter your scores and the operation will use those scores in your calculation if the option is selected by the respondent.

Screenshot of the form builder in Tripetto
In this example we add up the score of the given answers. A correct answer adds value 2, an incorrect answer adds value 0 to the calculator.

Example: score a quiz

A good example to use scores is when you create a quiz with multiple choice questions. Let's see how to set this up if each question has one correct answers. And that answer is worth 2 points.

1. Create quiz

First we have added our multiple choice questions, in this case five of them. We have used multiple choice blocks and picture choice blocks for that.

Screenshot of the form builder in Tripetto
Our quiz form.

2. Add calculator block

Now, at the end of the form we want to calculate the score of the quizzer. To do so, we add a Calculator block and we give that block a name, for example Quiz Result.

Screenshot of the form builder in Tripetto
Our basic calculator block.

3. Score first question

Next, we start with scoring the first question. To do that, we add our first operation with type ScoreClick our first question. The score operation will be added to your calculator.

In this case, the correct answer to this question is Option B, so for that option we enter a score of 2 points. The other options keep their scores of 0 points.

Screenshot of the form builder in Tripetto
Our scoring for the first question.

4. Score other questions

The same trick can be done for the other questions. And we want to add those scores to the calculator. So we add another row to the calculator with an Add operationSelect the ScoreSelect the next questionScore the right answer with 2 points.

After we have scored all questions, the calculator will calculate the quiz result.

Screenshot of the form builder in Tripetto
Our scoring for all questions.

5. Show result

Now we want to show the result to our respondents in the closing message. To do so, we open up the closing message. By typing the @ sign you can select our calculator block that calculates the quiz result. Now the result will be shown in that position.

Screenshot of the form builder in Tripetto
Show the quiz result in the closing message.

More information

The calculator block has lots of features, so we have several ways to learn all about it.

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