Standard account

Free Plan

Tripetto studio accounts are free and jam-packed with features out of the box. One catch... All forms have Tripetto branding. Removing this is an optional upgrade per form, which will also let you use advanced connections and track form activity.

Per account Forever
  • Unlimited form building
  • Unlimited form logic
  • All layout features
  • Action blocks
  • Notifications
  • Custom webhook
  • Advanced connections1
  • Form activity tracking1
  • Removable Tripetto branding1
  • Access to help center[24/7]
  • Priority support[Mon-Fri, 9-17 CET]
Start Now 1. Available together as an optional upgrade per form.
Optional upgrade per form

Unlock 1

Remove Tripetto branding, connect your data to multiple webhooks and smartly track form activity for a designated form. This upgrade is pay-once and per form. You can purchase it directly from the studio.

Per form Pay-once
  • Everything in the free plan


No, but the Tripetto studio is already almost completely free. The free version is ideal for trying out Tripetto as your form builder, including all question types, unlimited form logic and Tripetto's unique form faces.

Upgrading a form adds advanced connections and tracking to it. And an upgrade also enables you to hide the Tripetto branding.
Upgrading a Tripetto form in the studio does not come with a refund policy.
Your visitors will love filling out your Tripetto forms!

Tripetto is not like any other form builder out there. The focus on logic lets your create deeply conversational forms and surveys, asking only the right questions to your respondents.
Sure thing. We have some examples like a quiz, an order form and a customer satisfaction survey! Have a look at all our examples.

You will see that Tripetto forms can be presented in various layouts (we call them form faces) and are packed with all kinds of smartness to optimize completion rates and gain valuable insights.
Forms you create in the Tripetto studio can be shared with a direct link. Or you can embed your forms easily to any site with a HTML/JavaScript embed code. All responses are collected in your studio account and can be easily exported from there.
Yes, we offer on-the-go email and Slack notifications. And with direct connections with Make (formerly Integromat), Zapier and Pabbly you can connect your collected data to 1.000+ services, like Google Sheets, Airtable, Zendesk, Mailchimp, PayPal, etc. The possibilities are endless!
Yes, Tripetto can work with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel. Those tracking services can help you analyze the activity of your respondents in your forms.
By default, the forms in the studio store all data in the Tripetto cloud. All your data is encrypted and stored in data centers in Western-Europe.

If you need more control over your data, you can use the Tripetto FormBuilder SDK, which enables you to deeply integrate Tripetto into your own site or app and lets you take full control of data storage.
No, you don't need any coding skills to build amazing forms in Tripetto. You build your forms on a storyboard and share them with a direct link. If you want to embed a form on your site, we give you a ready-to-go embed code that you can simply copy-paste to your site. No rocket science, we promise!
Upgrading in the studio works with a one-time payment per single form that you want to upgrade. You can do that directly from the studio.

After you purchased your form upgrade, we will manually activate the upgrade in the pertaining form for you. When that's done, we email you a confirmation and you can use the upgrades right away!
No, the form upgrade only applies to the one particular form that you have purchased it for. It's not possible to transfer it to a different form.
No, at the moment studio upgrades only apply to a single form; not to a whole account.
  • michaelp April 2022

    Powerful tool, only limited by your imagination.

    Way beyond my expectations. A powerful tool with many uses only limited by your imagination.

  • nickbeebox October 2021

    Tripetto is great and feature packed.

    After trialling several conversational forms, I found Tripetto to be the one. Easy to use, excellent tutorials and rocket-fast support.