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How to purchase and activate form upgrades in the studio

Learn how to purchase and activate form upgrades in the studio to remove Tripetto branding, connect your data to multiple webhooks and smartly track form activity for a designated form.

Purchase form upgrades

In the Tripetto studio we offer optional form upgrades that unlock the following features for one designated form:

  • Removable Tripetto branding in the form and emails that are sent from the form1;
  • Multiple webhook connections to 1.000+ services using Integromat, Zapier, Pabbly Connect and custom webhooks;
  • Form activity tracking with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and custom tracking codes.

1. About sender name and address

Emails will always be sent using Tripetto <> as the sender. It's not possible to customize that, because the emails are sent from the infrastructure, which is not allowed to send emails on behalf of external domains.


The price of the form upgrades is a one time fee of €89 per form. This is pay-once and includes all the above mentioned features for one designated form.


Activating the form upgrades for a form in the Tripetto studio is a manual process for the Tripetto team. You can purchase the form upgrades with the following steps:

  1. Purchase - Start with opening the desired form in the form builder at tripetto.appClick the icon at the top menu barClick Unlock all features. The purchase form will open up at the right of your screen. Fill out this purchase form and submit it.
  2. Payment - We will manually send you (or an alternative payer you provide) a PayPal payment link. You can pay with all payment options that PayPal offers, including all creditcards. You don't need a PayPal account.
  3. Activation - After we received your payment we will manually activate the form upgrades for the designated form. We will contact you when this is done.
  4. Usage - Now you can use the form upgrades in the designated form.

Please notice that this is a manual process for the Tripetto team, so it can take some time before we send you the payment link and activate your form upgrades afterwards.

Screenshot of the studio of Tripetto
Purchase your form upgrades directly in the studio.

Use form upgrades

After your form upgrades are activated in the designated form, you can use the following features in that form:

  • Removable Tripetto branding: click Customize at the top menu barClick StylesEnable the option Hide all the Tripetto branding;
  • Multiple webhook connections: click Automate at the top menu barClick ConnectionsEnable and configure the desired connection(s);
  • Form activity tracking: click Automate at the top menu barClick TrackingEnable and configure the desired tracking service(s).
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