Tripetto is a work in progress. Have a look at new features, improvements and bugfixes coming up. Or even put in a feature request if something’s missing.

  • Add action block - Calculator

    Add a new action block to be able to do calculations inside your forms, based on the input, for example to create a quiz or a quotation form. And of course use the outcome of each calculation in your form logic.

    FeatureStudioWordPress pluginSDK
    Under development
  • Improve question blocks - Multiple choice, Radio buttons & Checkboxes

    + Add feature for automated 'Other...' options;
    + Add feature to show the options in a randomized order;
    + Add feature to limit the number of selections (min-max).

    ImprovementStudioWordPress pluginSDK
  • Improve image usage in forms

    Add support for uploading images, so you can use your own images directly in your forms.

    ImprovementStudioWordPress pluginSDK
  • Improve markdown formatting

    + Improve text styling in form builder, so you can easily make your text bold, italic, etc.
    + Improve piping (recalling values) in form builder, so you can see what value you are using.

    ImprovementStudioWordPress pluginSDK

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