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A full WordPress form builder plugin for smart forms and surveys

Equip WP projects with customizable conversational form experiences - all built and deployed through the WP Admin

  • Create Forms & Surveys
  • Build In Visual Form Builder
  • Use Advanced Form Logic
  • Style Your Forms
  • Preview Live
Screenshot of the form builder in the WordPress plugin
Switch form look and feel whenever you want

The WordPress form builder plugin provides everything you need to create conversational forms and surveys

The visual editor offers wide form and survey building capabilities

Use the self-organizing drawing board to build crispy conversational experiences with powerful logic, and see your creations come to life in the real-time preview.

Launch Sandbox
Screenshot of the editor in WordPress Admin The WordPress plugin is developed with the Tripetto SDK
Screenshot of the collector in a WordPress site

A simple shortcode is enough to put forms right where you want

Get creative with extensive theming options and embedding attributes for making the interactions match your brand experience to boost response.


Response is stored in your WordPress install

The plugin is an all-in-one solution, which means you won't need third party applications for storing collected data because form entries go exclusively into your WordPress install first - Hello there, GDPR!

No strings attached

The plugin is not a wrapper, but a full-featured form and survey solution right inside your WordPress install - zero SaaS strings attached, no Tripetto account needed.

Data exports to CSV

Collected form entries are stored in your WordPress install and downloadable from the plugin in the CSV format for you to use for further analysis or reporting.

Zapier Integration*

Use the Premium plugin version and readily connect to 1.500+ apps with Zapier to arrange advanced work and data flow automations.

* Free for 1 designated form

All the pieces you need for composing unbelievably smart forms and surveys

The building blocks you use to build your interactions are highly versatile and go far beyond just the common question types with the advanced abilities of action and condition blocks in Tripetto.

We welcome and consider all suggestions for new building blocks.

Input Blocks

Tripetto naturally supports all the commonly used form question types (i.e. building blocks).

Email AddressEmail Address
File UploadFile Upload
Multiple ChoiceMultiple Choice
Radio ButtonsRadio Buttons
Static TextStatic Text
Text - Single LineText - Single Line
Text - Multiple LinesText - Multiple Lines

Action Blocks

Enhance your forms with powerful action blocks to perform smart tasks in the background.

API IntegrationAPI Integration
CalculatorCalculatorComing soon
Hidden FieldHidden Field

Condition Blocks

Make forms smart by intelligently and automatically directing flows with dynamic condition blocks.

Device SizeDevice Size
LocationLocationComing soon
WeatherWeatherComing soon

Upgrade to premium to greatly enhance all of your conversational forms and surveys

All standard and premium features will be completely free for a single form or survey of your choosing - with the premium features also being available as a paid upgrade for your other creations.

Standard - Single Site

Free + all premium features
for 1 designated form or survey
Unlimited forms and surveys with:
  • Conversational form UX
  • Visual form building
  • Live preview
  • All question types
  • Advanced logic
  • Deploy with shortcode
  • Email notifications
  • Data exports to CSV
  • One premium form or survey

Premium - Single Site

$8,33 per month, when billed annually
$9,99/month, when billed monthly
All standard features and:
  • Theming and styling
  • Remove Tripetto branding
  • Custom goodbye page
  • Slack notifications
  • Zapier integration
  • Updates and support
Get Free Plugin Upgrade to Premium here, or in your WP Admin

Use these helplines if you have trouble using the Tripetto WordPress plugin

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