How to show respondents' answers using piping logic

As we stated in our article on smart forms it's a good idea to make your forms more personal. One way to do so is by using the given answers of your respondents directly inside your forms, so let's see how to achieve this.

The concept

You can show given answers in almost every text feature inside question blocks. At the place where you want to show a given answer of a specific question block, you can make a reference to that pertaining question block. To do so, you type the @ sign at the desired position in your text. A menu will appear with all question blocks in your form that you can use for piping logic. After selecting the right question block, Tripetto will take care of showing the respondents' answer on that position.

For now, when you select a question block from the menu, a pretty long code will appear in the text feature. This is the reference to the selected question block.

We know this isn't the most beautiful solution, so it's already in our planning to improve this in an upcoming update.

Video tutorial

We have made a video tutorial on how to use piping logic. It shows multiple implementations of piping logic, for example with different kinds of question types.

Video tutorial on piping logic

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