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How to repeat follow-up for multiple selected options

Learn how to repeat follow-up questions for each of the selected options from a list.

When to use

A good example of smartness inside a form is when you can repeat follow-up for each of the selected options from a multiple choice list.

Let's say you've got a multiple choice list of five product options and your respondents can select multiple of those products. For each selected product you want to ask how many the respondent wants to order and calculate the subtotal per product.

Screenshot of a form in Tripetto
Demonstration of iterating questions for selected products.

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The logic described in this article is just one example of what Tripetto can do to make your forms smart. Have a look at this article to see all logic capabilities:

How to use

The idea is to make a question that respondents can select multiple options from and then ask a follow-up question for each of the selected items.

Question types

You can use several question types to let your respondents select multiple options from a list:

Create branch

Screenshot of the form builder in Tripetto
Select the branch behavior.

Now, instead of creating separate branches for each option (like you would do in other form builders), you can just create one single branch and let the form repeat the question blocks inside that branch for each selected option.

To do so, click the branch bubble at the top of the branch and then select For each condition match (iteration).

Add follow-up

In the example we created a branch with one question. That question will be asked for each of the options the respondent selects.

Use piping values

Inside the iterating branch the same question blocks will be used multiple times, namely for each of the items your respondent selects. To show your respondent about which selected option each question is, you can use piping logic. Inside an iterating branch there is a special piping value available, called Automatic text value. By using that piping value, the form will automatically show the name of the selected option that the iterating question is about.

Add branch number

Inside the iterating branch you might want to add an ascending counter to show the branch iteration number that your respondent is in. To do that you can add a calculator block and use the constant Branch number. And by using piping logic you can then show that branch number in a question that you show in your iteration.

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