How to repeat follow-up for multiple selected options

A good example of smartness inside a form is when you can repeat follow-up for each of the selected options from a multiple choice list. Unlike other form builder, this is very easy with Tripetto.

The concept

You can use two question types to let your respondents select multiple options from a list:

  • Multiple choice buttons;
  • Checkboxes.

Let's say you've got a multiple choice list of five options and for each selected option you want to ask one or more follow-up question that are the same for each selected option. Instead of creating separate branches for each option, you can just create one single branch and let the form repeat the question blocks inside that branch for each selected option.

Video tutorial

We have made several video tutorials on how to use this kind of logic. These tutorials show you how to create a repeating branch.

Video tutorial on advanced logic
Video tutorial on branch logic

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