Your visitors will love filling out Tripetto forms!

A pretty different form builder for WordPress.

Create deeply conversational forms and surveys directly from WordPress with Tripetto. You control collected data, with responses stored in your WordPress database.

Full feature list
Illustration representing Visual Builder
Give shape

Visually build your smart forms on the magnetic storyboard.

Build forms and surveys like flowcharts on the storyboard, which actively organizes what you create. This makes designing highly conversational flows clean, fast and fun. No-code, promised!

Screenshot of the storyboard and the preview of the form builder.
Screenshot of the storyboard of the form builder.

The storyboard shows you what goes where and always actively aligns your arrangement while you move things around. The smart zoom lets you quickly go into and out of any area on the storyboard once your structure grows bigger than the screen. Things just can’t get messy.

How to work the storyboard
Screenshot of the preview of the form builder.

The real-time preview next to the storyboard always instantly shows what you’re building and styling as a working form or survey.

How to preview
Illustration representing Advanced Logic
Add brains

Create interactive, personable forms with conversational logic.

With advanced logic Tripetto lets you build beautifully interactive, conversational forms that are more engaging than ever before, all without having to write any code.

The visual storyboard for building forms and surveys was specifically designed to spark and simplify using advanced logic features.

How to use logic

Besides the questions that require input from respondents, forms and surveys can perform powerful real time actions in the background.

How to set actions

Possibly the most powerful logic feature in Tripetto is the calculator for creating tests, quizzes, quotes, assessments and so much more.

How to calculate
Illustration representing Customization
Dress up

Pick the perfect form layout with convertible faces.

Not all forms and surveys need the same appearance. Switch easily between totally different experiences while you’re designing to see what looks and feels best for the occasion.

Illustration representing Automations
Hook up

Automate form data workflows with 1.000+ connections.

Stay informed. Tripetto can send notifications to Slack or email, lets you connect to 1.000+ services and offers form activity tracking for valuable completion and drop-off insights.

Logo of Slack Icon representing email Icon representing webhooks Logo of Zapier Logo of Make Logo of Google Analytics Logo of Facebook Pixel Logo of Google Tag Manager

Tripetto can keep you updated on new form completions with instant, automatic notifications straight into your Slack and inbox.

How to get notified

Have Tripetto send your data to 1.000+ connected services with Make, Zapier, Pabbly Connect and custom webhooks.

How to connect data

Boost completions and reduce drop-offs by tracking activity with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel.

How to track activity
Illustration representing Easy Sharing
Send out

Easily share forms in WordPress with flexible publication.

Tripetto lets you choose how to deploy forms and surveys for collecting data. As a shareable URL, or embedded in your page using the shortcode, Gutenberg block or Elementor widget.

Illustration representing Flexible Storage
Take stock

Secure form data storage is essential. All inside WordPress.

Tripetto is a fullblown form builder plugin for WordPress and runs without any dependencies on outside infrastructure. Data is autonomously stored inside your WordPress only.

Icon illustrating a lock for data security

With the extensive WordPress roles management inside the plugin you can assign data access and capabilities to designated roles. Read how.

All data sits right with you.

Everything you build and collect with Tripetto is exclusively stored inside your own WordPress. Nothing ever touches any other platform, unless you choose to hook things up. Read our blog on GDPR.

Human illustrating WordPress hosting
Give life to forms and surveys

Tripetto for WordPress.Have your forms done right, self-hosted.

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