Illustration representing Autoscroll

Trivia Quiz

Use Tripetto to create a quiz with various question types and calculate the end score based on the given answers. Also usable for assessments and exams of course. This example uses the autoscroll form face in a horizontal scroll direction (left-right).

In this example

Question types

Tripetto offers a wide range of question blocks. Use the builder to compose forms and surveys out of as many questions as you like into as many flows as you want.

Logic types

Tripetto’s numerous logic features let you build highly personable and smart form and surveys. Using the right logic increases completion rates and gives you better insights altogether. It’s the secret sauce for truly conversational forms.

Other settings

Sharing methods

Tripetto forms can be shared using different methods. They can be either embedded in a webpage or presented in a fullscreen mode.

Storage setups

Everything you build and collect is exclusively stored inside your WordPress. Nothing touches any other platform unless you hook things up.

Give life to forms and surveys

Tripetto for WordPress.Have your forms done right, self-hosted.