How to get your results from the WordPress plugin

Learn how you can manage and export your results to CSV so you can use your data for example in Excel or Google Sheets.

Managing your results

Inside the WordPress plugin you can see and manage all results of each form. From the list of your forms (also see this article) you can click View Entries by moving your cursor over each row in the list.

View results

This will show a list of all results you received for the particular form.

View list of entries.

You can click each result to view the data of the result right away.

View the details of each response.

Delete results

From the list of results, you can delete one or multiple result(s) that you don't longer need. With the checkboxes in front of each row you can select the results you want to delete. After the selection, you can collapse the Bulk ations dropdown Select DeleteClick Apply. This will permanently delete the selected results (after confirmation).

Select multiple responses to delete them.

Exporting your results

Exporting your results is very easy. From the top of the 'Entries' screen just click Export entries as CSV. The download of your results will start immediately and will be downloaded as a CSV file to your Downloads folder.

Use results

From thereon you can do with it what you want. For example, open the CSV file in a spreadsheet editor, like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. In there you can convert the comma-separated values (CSV) to columns. More information on how to do that can be found in this article.

After that, you can process your data, for example, by calculating averages or displaying the data in graphs. How to do that, depends on the spreadsheet editor you are using.

Use these helplines if you have any questions, problems or requests