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How to add and manage forms in the WordPress plugin

With Tripetto you can create an unlimited amount of forms, but how do you keep these forms organized? Let's find out.

Build new form

After you installed the WordPress plugin, you can start a new form in a few ways:

  • Open the Tripetto plugin menu from the WP Admin menuClick Build Form;
  • Open the Tripetto Dashboard inside the pluginClick Build Form;
  • Open the list of your Tripetto forms inside the pluginClick Build Form;
  • Use the Tripetto Gutenberg block in the Gutenberg editor of WordPress. From there on you can instantly build, customize and automate forms from inside the Gutenberg editor.

With Tripetto you can create an unlimited amount of forms.

Manage your forms

To manage your forms in the plugin, go to All Forms. This shows the list of all Tripetto forms in your WP Admin, including the amount of entries and the shortcode for each form.

Form actions

By moving your cursor over each row in the list, you can execute the following actions.

Underneath the name of each form in the list:

  • Edit - Edit the form in the form builder;
  • Run - Open the form with the shareable link;
  • Results - Open the list of entries to see and download the results;
  • Duplicate - Create an exact duplicate of the form structure in one click;
  • Delete - Delete the form, after confirmation. To prevent data loss, you can only delete forms that have no entries left in it. So please first delete all the results of the form, before deleting the form itself.

Underneath the shortcode of each form in the list:

  • Copy to clipboard - Copy the full shortcode to your clipboard, so you can use it anywhere in your WP site;
  • Customize - Open the shortcode editor to modify the parameters of your shortcode.

Form names

To keep track of your forms, it's recommended to give each form a good name, so you can find it back later on. To set the name of the form use the following options:

  • Open the form in the form builderClick the name of the form in the top left corner (Unnamed form by default)Name your form;
  • Open the form in the form builderClick CustomizePropertiesName your form.

Gutenberg block

Tripetto's fullblown form builder is also available right inside the WordPress Gutenberg editor. The Tripetto Gutenberg block makes it possible to build, customize and automate your forms without leaving the Gutenberg editor. And that makes it even easier to create your forms right at the place where you are going to use them: your WordPress website!

Tripetto's Gutenberg block isn't just a simple block to insert a form, but it brings the full featured form builder into your Gutenberg editor. To see all its capabilities, please have a look at this article about Tripetto's Gutenberg block.

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