BlogPublished in 2020

  • Introducing picture choice and scale blocks

    We are happy to announce two brand new question blocks, namely the picture choice block and the scale block. Plus a handy new feature in the rating block.

    Product3 Min.
  • Our biggest update ever, now also available for WordPress 🥳

    Our biggest update ever is now available in the WordPress plugin too! Including new features, improvements and new license options.

    Product3 Min.
  • How we added our first premium feature with our own no-code form solutions

    Since this week you can remove Tripetto branding from your forms in the studio. And we built it with our own no-code form solutions!

    Tips & tricks4 Min.
  • Our biggest update ever has arrived 🎉

    We released an amazing update of the Tripetto studio with lots of new features, improvements and bugfixes! And we’re excited to tell you all about it!

    Product9 Min.
  • How forms developed over the years

    What can we learn from the development of online forms to determine the future of forms?

    Tips & tricks4 Min.
  • 4 Use cases on how to improve your forms

    Four examples of everyday use cases where Tripetto can help you to improve your forms and reach your goals.

    Guide3 Min.
  • Why we chose to build a WordPress plugin

    The Tripetto WordPress plugin wasn't part of our initial plans. Then why did we decide to go for WordPress anyway? Let's go back in time and find out.

    Product4 Min.
  • Why our visual form builder works like this

    Our form builder is not like all the other form builders out there. It's all about creating smart forms with the right logic.

    Product4 Min.
  • Introducing our Help Center

    With the introduction of the Help Center on our website, we want to help our users to get the most out of Tripetto. We'd like to give you a quick tour.

    Product3 Min.