BlogPublished in 2019

  • 5 Simple tips to improve your online forms and surveys

    Find out how you can improve your online forms and surveys to boost your conversion or response.

    Tips & tricks4 Min.
  • Hidden fields in Tripetto

    Use hidden fields to make your forms and surveys more personal. Or keep track of your respondents or other information you pass to the form.

    Product3 Min.
  • Your form is now a mail agent

    Introducing a new action block to send emails right from your form. Opening new possibilities for even smarter forms and surveys.

    Product2 Min.
  • Tripetto for WordPress

    Build and deploy conversational forms and surveys for your WP websites.

    Product3 Min.
  • Why Conversational Forms still matter

    Conversational forms offer upsides, but they’re difficult to do well — at least, it takes more effort than a traditional form to get right.

    Tips & tricks4 Min.
  • Add some Kanye genius to your survey (tutorial on integrating an API)

    How to integrate an API in your survey with Tripetto.

    Coding tutorial4 Min.
  • Bringing Tripetto to everyone

    We’re launching the Tripetto App for all to create cleverly flowing forms on a self-organizing storyboard and share or embed them.

    Product4 Min.
  • Forms don’t need to suck

    If you’re building a form or survey without proper logic, you’ll make it painful and risk losing your respondents to boredom and annoyance.

    Tips & tricks4 Min.
  • Don’t trust someone else with your form data

    SaaS platforms aren’t as safe as you think for collecting and storing your form and survey data. And they do get breached. Hello GDPR!

    Tips & tricks5 Min.