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Performing calculations inside your forms and surveys

Possibly the most powerful logic feature in Tripetto is the calculator for creating tests, quizzes, quotes, assessments, wizards and so much more.


The calculator is one of our most advanced action blocks. It can perform all kinds of calculations using the answers that your respondent has given inside your form. This way you can create tests, quizzes, quotes, assessments, wizards, or anything else you can think of that needs calculations.


Calculations are very powerful, flexible and intelligent. You are in full control of what each calculator block calculates, thanks to the flexible operations and powerful operation values.


The calculator blocks enables you to do all possible calculation operations in your form:

  • Add - Add up a value;
  • Subtract - Subtract a value;
  • Multiply - Multiply with a value;
  • Divide - Divide by a value;
  • Equal - Equal to a value.

Operation values

For each operation there are several methods available to use the right values in that operation:

  • Number;
  • Blocks (given answers by your respondents);
  • Scores;
  • Comparisons;
  • Functions;
  • Constants;
  • Subcalculations.

Calculations with logic branches

Tripetto is all about smart forms with the right logic. Of course the calculator block blends perfectly with the logic branches in your form, for example by being able to work with iterating branches and by using the calculator outcomes as branch conditions.


The outcome of each calculator block is usable in different ways in your forms:

  • The outcome is available in all data exports, like the CSV export, email and Slack notifications and the webhook;
  • It's also usable inside your form as the input for other calculator blocks;
  • You can show the outcome in your form by using the piping value;
  • You can use the outcome to determine branch conditions, so you can make logic desicions, based on the calculator outcome.

More information

We made some overviews of the capabilities that the calculator block provides:

  • No-code calculations with the calculator block

    Make quizzes, order forms, exams and more with no-code calculations. All without any coding in Tripetto's calculator block.

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  • All calculator features

    A complete overview of all features the calculator block has to offer, including operations, scores, comparisons, functions and constants.

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Help articles

In our Help Center you can find more detailed help articles about the calculator block:

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