Make quizzes, order forms, exams and more with no-code calculations. Fast.

The calculator can add, subtract, multiply and divide, but also supports formulas and advanced mathematical functions. All without any coding. Plus, forms can handle multiple calculators.

Plain calculations

A calculator can be inserted anywhere inside a form and supports straightforward operations for pretty much any purpose from counting inputs to scoring a test, for instance.

  • Icon representing an addition


  • Icon representing a subtraction


  • Icon representing a multiplication


  • Icon representing a division


  • Icon representing an equation


Icon representing multiple calculators

Multiple calculators

Forms and surveys can handle as many calculations as you need, anywhere you need them. In fact, you can set up one calculator to use the outcome of another.


Now here’s the magic part... The calculator can also handle calculations within calculations. Like formulas. Handy for calculating a shopping cart’s subtotal and VAT in a single calculator.

  • Icon representing a division in a formula
  • Icon representing angles in a formula
  • Icon representing a next step in a formula
Every single calculation and subcalculation outcome is available as a reusable value throughout the form.
Imagine your powers when you put Tripetto’s mind to it ;)
Icon representing respondent driven

Respondent driven

It almost goes without saying that you can select any respondent input for calculations. Actually, you may include as many inputs as you like in a single calculation.


Beyond operations like adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, the calculator also supports advanced operations for more mathematically challenging use cases.

  • Icon representing mathematical roots


  • Icon representing mathematical powers


  • Icon representing mathematical functions


  • Icon representing mathematical constants


  • Icon representing more mathematical features


And much more for logarithms, advanced comparisons etc. to take your calculations into another dimension.

Logic just loves calculations

Mindblowing things happen when logic and calculators come together.

Funnel respondents into any desired flow based on age, score, probability, height, BMI etc. or any combination of factors. The possibilities are endless.

Calculators in action

The true power and capabilities of the Tripetto calculator are best demonstrated with some practical examples. Click any example below to run it live and learn about its calculator implementation.

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