Map it out on the magnetic storyboard.

The magnetic storyboard is perfect for building forms like flowcharts, and makes designing conversational flows clean, fast and fun. No-code!

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Build the smartest conversation you can dream up - visually!

Next-level form building.

  • Illustration representing Storyboard


    Visually map your form flows like a conversation.

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    Use questions or actions for respondent inputs.

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    Make your forms deeply conversational with logic.

Screenshots of the Tripetto form builder.

Magnetic storyboard

Build forms like flowcharts. The magnetic storyboard shows you what goes where and actively aligns your form. Things just can’t get messy!

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  • Visual thumbnail for the video 'How to build a simple form'

Drag and drop any element right where you need it on the magnetic storyboard, which will visibly guide you along the way.

Arranging flows

Move and smart zoom let you go into and out of any area on the storyboard once your structure grows bigger than the screen.

Handling the board

The real time preview right next to the storyboard always instantly shows what you’re building and styling as a working form.

Previewing forms

Versatile blocks

Tripetto offers every question type you need to build advanced forms, surveys, quizzes and more. Including real-time, automatic actions.

Illustration representing Question Blocks


Ask respondents anything with the complete range of question types. Every question type comes with advanced, optional settings and logic to get the most out of the interaction.

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Illustration representing Action Blocks


Use action blocks inside your form’s flow for even smarter performance with instant actions and calculations based on supplied respondent inputs. All this without any code.

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Advanced logic

Tripetto has all the form logic features you need to get conversational with respondents, and effectively increase completion rates and reduce drop-offs.

Ask all the right questions all the time by funneling respondents only where their own input sends them.

Branch logic

Completely personalize follow-up questions by smartly recalling preceding respondent inputs.

Pipe logic

Keep things appealing by skipping unnecessary steps to prevent drop-off and increase completion.

Jump logic