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How to use markdown formatting in texts

Markdown helps you to highlight important parts of your texts. And you can use it to create hyperlinks inside your text features.

Text formatting

Use the following formats in your text features to apply the desired text formatting:

  • Bold text: **bold text** (double asteriks);
  • Italic text: *italic text* (single asteriks);
  • Underline text: _underline text_ (single underscore);
  • Strikethrough text: ~strikethrough text~ (single tilde).

Bear in mind you need to open the formatting at the desired starting point and end the formatting at the desired ending point by using the same markdown sign.

You can also create hyperlinks inside your text features. Use the following format to do so: [Link text](link URL).

Full example

Your text input

The **quick** brown *fox* jumps _over_ the ~lazy~ dog. Just like [this](

Result in your form

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Just like this.

Please have a look at this article for more information about hyperlinks and buttons in your form.

Given answers, using piping logic

Not really part of markdown formatting, but it is usable in our text features: show given answers of your respondent inside a form, using piping logic.

You can show given answers by typing the @ sign at the desired place in a text feature. A menu will appear with all question blocks in your form that you can use for piping logic. After selecting the right question block, Tripetto will take care of showing the respondents' answer on that position.

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