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How to insert hyperlinks

There are several ways to insert hyperlinks or buttons into your form.

When to use

You can insert hyperlinks and/or buttons to open a link from your form to another URL. You can do that in the following places in your form:

  • In texts, using markdown;
  • In multiple choice blocks and picture choice blocks;
  • In closing messages.

How to use

Below we will explain how to insert each of these hyperlink possibilities.

In texts (markdown)

If you want to insert a text hyperlink in a question name, description, or help text in your form, you can use markdown formatting to do that. Use the following format at the position in your text where you want to show the text hyperlink: [Link text](link URL).

Screenshot of markdown in Tripetto
Example of a hyperlink in the description of a question block.

In multiple choices/picture choices

It's also possible to show a button to an external link. With a little trick, you can use our multiple choice block or picture choice block for that.

Each option you enter inside these question blocks, can perform as a button link instead of a real option. By clicking an option and then enable the feature URL, you can enter the link you want to open.

Important notice: a choice that opens a URL can NOT be selected as an answer by your respondents.

Screenshot of a button in Tripetto
Example of a button in a multiple choice block.

In closing message(s)

You can also show a button in closing messages. Simply open the closing message pane and enable the feature Button. You can then enter the button label, URL and target.

Screenshot of a button in Tripetto
Example of a button in a closing message.
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