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How to redirect to a URL at form completion

After respondents completed your form, you can show them a (flexible) closing message, but you can also redirect them to an external URL, for example your own website.

Open closing message

To set a redirect at the end of your form, you have to enable a closing message inside the form builder. You can do this for the common closing message at the end of your form, or for custom closing messages at the end of branches. How to do that can be seen in this article.

Enable redirect

Now that you've opened the closing message pane, you can enable the feature Redirect on the left.

This will disable all other features for the closing message, as your respondents won't see those any more. Instead you can now enter the URL (including https://) you want to redirect to.

And that's it! Your form will now save the entry at completion and then redirect to the given URL. There is no longer a visible closing message.

The settings to redirect your form at completion.

Piping values in URL's

Add the identification number of the entry in the redirect URL.

In the redirect URL you can use piping logic to add answered values to the URL, using the @ sign.

And on top of that, there is an extra piping value available: the Identification number. This is the unique identification number of each entry by which you can identify/track a certain entry on the URL that's opened.

We wrote another help article over here with some dedicated explanations on how to share response data between forms.

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