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The logic basics

To make your forms and surveys feel like conversations, you need the right logic. Tripetto is built up from the base to help you with that!


The storyboard of Tripetto helps you to add and maintain logic flows in your forms and surveys. You can use all logic in all your forms without any limitations.

Logic types

We divide logic in 3 different types:

  • Branch logic, to determine the follow-up, based on given answers;
  • Jump logic, to jump to other parts of the form, based on given answers;
  • Pipe logic, to show earlier given answers.

Branch logic

Branch logic helps you to only ask the right questions to your respondents. Based on given answers your form can determine what's the right follow-up.

Jump logic

Jump logic helps you to jump over a certain part of a form if that's not applicable, based on the given answers.

Pipe logic

Pipe logic lets you show given answers inside your forms and surveys. This helps to make your forms and surveys more personal.

Help articles

In our Help Center you can find more detailed help articles about logic:

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