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Switching form faces

A unique feature in Tripetto is you can switch each form into three different form experiences. We call them form faces.

Form faces

Form faces help you to give your audience the best user experience to your forms and by doing so (hopefully) increase your completion rates.

What makes the form faces of Tripetto unique is that you don't have to worry about your form's structure, styling and content. All features are available in all form faces and you can switch form faces all the time.

We offer 3 form faces:

Autoscroll form face

The autoscroll form face presents your questions one by one. This gives a great feeling of conversation and interaction to your user.

Screenshot of an autoscroll form face in Tripetto
Example of a customer satisfaction survey in the autoscroll form face.

Chat form face

The chat form face presents your form as a chat conversation, including speech bubbles.

Screenshot of a chat form face in Tripetto
Example of a wedding RSVP form in the chat form face.

Classic form face

The classic face presents your form in a more traditional way and is perfect if you want to show more questions at a time.

Screenshot of a classic form face in Tripetto
Example of a restaurant reservation form in the classic form face.

Help articles

In our Help Center you can find more detailed help articles about form faces:

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