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Learn how the progressbar works in autoscroll form face

The progressbar is shown inside your autoscroll forms to give your respondents an insight at the progress in your form. It depends on your usage of sections, required questions and logic in your form how the progressbar behaves.


You may have noticed that the progressbar not always simply shows the total amount of all possible questions inside your form. It is a bit smarter than that, because it works together with all possible smart flows in your form. And because Tripetto is designed to only ask the right questions, any given answer of a respondent can have its effect on the progressbar.


Let's say your form has 100 questions in total, but you also added some smart logic to your form, so in reality your respondent only has to answer a few questions of those 100, based on the given answers. The progressbar will not start with showing there are 100 questions to go, because that would scare off your respondents (no way I'm going to fill out 100 questions!).

Instead, the progressbar uses the already given answers to show an optimistic indication of what to expect at any given point in your form.

How it works

In general the progressbar always tries to look ahead in time as far as he can. There are a few elements in your Tripetto form that can have effect on that:

  • Sections - Sections can affect how far ahead the progressbar can look to determine the total amount of questions;
  • Required questions - Required questions can prevent the form from progressing before they are answered and thus affect the total amount of questions;
  • Branch logic - Branch logic can skip, show, or repeat certain parts of your form, so affects the total amount of questions and the progress.

Let's see how these elements affect the progressbar in detail.


Sections help you to group your questions. The progressbar can always count all questions that are grouped in one section.

For example, if you only have one section with 3 questions inside that section, the progressbar will count all 3 questions right away.

Screenshot of the form builder in Tripetto
The progressbar (see preview on the bottom right corner) will count all questions right away, because all questions are in the same section.

Required questions

Required questions work together with sections. If a section has one or more required questions, the progressbar waits for the respondent to fill out those required questions inside that section, before the form and the progressbar can continue.

For example, if you have a first section with 2 questions of which 1 question is required to fill out, the progressbar can only count the questions inside that first section. If the respondent has answered that required question, the form can continue and the progressbar will go further with counting the upcoming questions.

Screenshot of the form builder in Tripetto
The progressbar (see preview on the bottom right corner) will only count the first 2 questions, because the first section has a required question that needs to be answered first.

Branch logic

If you use branch logic in your form, the progressbar waits for the answers to the questions that determine your branch conditions. Only after those questions are answered the form and the progressbar know if a certain branch needs to be shown or not. And that will affect your progressbar of course.

Inside branches it also depends on the usage of sections and required questions how far the progressbar can look ahead.

For example, if you have an iterating branch based on multiple selected options, the progressbar will count the number of questions inside that branch. If there are required questions inside that iterating branch, the progressbar will add the amount of questions per iteration and only look further if the required questions are answered.

Screenshot of the form builder in Tripetto
The progressbar (see preview on the bottom right corner) will count the question inside each iterating branch. Because the question inside the iterating branch is required, the progressbar will wait for the answer before it can continue.

Hide progressbar

If you don't want to show the progressbar, you can simply hide it. To open the options of your form, go to the top menu bar of the form builder and click CustomizeStyles.

At the bottom of the Style pane you will see a group of options. You have two options to hide the progressbar:

  • Show navigation bar - You can determine when the navigation bar may be shown. The progressbar is part of the navigation bar, so if you don't show the navigation bar, the progressbar also will not be visible.
  • Display progressbar - You can simply enable or disable this setting to show or hide the progressbar from your form.
Screenshot of styling in Tripetto
The options in the Style screen to show or hide the progressbar.
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