How to embed your form in your WordPress site

When your form structure is ready, you can embed your form on any position inside your WordPress site using the shortcode we provide.

Getting the shortcode

From your list of forms (see article on managing your forms), you can see the basic shortcode of each Tripetto form. You can select and copy this code to your clipboard, so you can use it in the next step.

Copy the shortcode from your list of forms.

Using the shortcode

In your WP Admin navigate to the position where you want to embed the Tripetto form. In that position add a shortcode block: Click the icon Click Shortcode. A shortcode block will be inserted. In that block you can now paste the shortcode of the Tripetto form. You can now save the draft and test it.

Insert the shortcode in a page.

And that's basically it! But there are some options available that you might need to show the form the way you want.

Basic shortcode syntax

The basic syntax is: [tripetto id="#"], with the id parameter representing the id (integer) of the Tripetto form.

Available parameters

Inside the shortcode you can use some parameters to determine the implementation of the form in your WP site. The following parameters are available:

  • id - Id of Tripetto form (required)
    You can find the id of each form in the list of Tripetto forms in your WP Admin
  • mode - Mode of implementation (optional)
    Default value: iframe
    Possible values: iframe | inline | overlay
  • width - Width of form container (optional, not available for mode overlay)
    Default value: 100%
    Possible values: percentage | pixel
  • height - Height of form container (optional, not available for mode overlay)
    Default value: auto
    Possible values: auto | percentage | pixel

Full example

An example of a shortcode with all parameters in it:

[tripetto id="5" mode="inline" width="500px" height="600px"]

This example will show Tripetto form with id 5 in an inline rendering with a width of 500 pixels and a height of 600 pixels.

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