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How to determine what data fields get saved

Learn how you can determine what data fields from your form should be included or excluded from your exports, notifications and webhooks.

The concept

By default, the data of each question block inside your form gets saved to the dataset at the moment a respondent completes the form (exceptions are the password block and the send email block). In most cases that will do the trick, as the main goal mostly is to collect data.

But we can imagine you also can have some use cases that you don't want to save a certain data field to your collected dataset. And that's where the Exportability feature comes in. With that feature you can determine if the collected data of each question block should be saved to the dataset (or not).

Please be aware that when you disable the saving of certain data fields, that data literally doesn't get saved. So it no longer can be used anywhere, for example not in exports to CSV, not in notifications to Slack/email and not in automations.

Determine exportability

By enabling the Exportability feature inside a question block, you can choose if the data of that block should be saved. Disable Included in the dataset to don't save the collected data of the selected question block.

Screenshot of exportability in Tripetto
Enable the Exportability feature and don't include the data in the dataset.
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