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Using the real-time preview in the builder

While building your form, you can immediately see what you're working on in the live preview.

Live preview

An important part of our form builder is the live preview at the right side of the storyboard. This preview will always show a realtime preview of what you're building. Every change you make in your form's structure, content, styling, translation, etc. will be visible immediately in the preview. Truly live!

Logic preview

Depending on the phase you're in while building your form, it can be handy to let the preview execute the logic or not.

  • If you show the preview without logic, you'll see your whole form at once, making it easy to edit the form, but not easy to test the logic;
  • If you show the preview with logic, you can immediately test the form and see the effect that your logic has on your form.

Device preview

All Tripetto forms are optimized for all modern devices. The preview helps you to see how your form looks on all those different screen sizes.

Help articles

In our Help Center you can find a more detailed help article about the live preview:

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