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Self-hosting form and survey data

In Tripetto you can also take control over your data storage by self-hosting your forms and/or entry data.

Privacy and security

Privacy is an important subject nowadays. Whereas before your respondents had no idea where and how their data was stored, it gets more important nowadays to have your data under control, so you know for sure the privacy and security of your data is settled. The evolution of privacy legislation (like GDPR in Europe) contributes to that.

At Tripetto we thinks it's important to embrace this, so we have taken account of this from the cores of our platform. It depends on how you use Tripetto, but in all cases there are advanced possibilities to take control over the data storage by self-hosting it.

Self-hosting in studio

From the Tripetto studio at tripetto.app it's possible to store the collected data on your own, completely bypassing the Tripetto infrastructure. That way you still use the Tripetto studio to build and style your form, but you integrate your form in a website or application using the Tripetto FormBuilder SDK. You can then store the collected data on your own infrastructure, without it ever touching Tripetto's infrastructure.

🔔 Notice: Tripetto FormBuilder SDK required

By integrating a form from the studio, you enter a different version of Tripetto: the Tripetto FormBuilder SDK, for which specific terms and pricing apply. More information:

Help articles

In our Help Center you can find more detailed help articles about data control in the studio:

Self-hosting in WordPress plugin

In the WordPress plugin it gets even easier to take control over your data, as all data (both form structures and entry data) is always stored inside your own WordPress databases by design. So actually you don't even have a choice in WordPress: you always have full control over your data. No connection at all with Tripetto or any other third-parties.

More information

On our WordPress page we tell you more about the data storage in the WordPress plugin:

Take full control for developers

Tripetto even adds another level of taking control over your forms and surveys. Our developers kit lets you take control over every aspect of your form, with our technology at the core of everything.

The developer kit lets you integrate all our components, like the form builder and our form runners, into your own projects and then let you take full control over how to deal with all form and entry data. And you can even extend all those components with your own requirements by building your own blocks. The possibilities are literally endless.

More information

On our Developers page we tell you more about the possibilities of the developers kit:

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