Troubleshooting - Results not saved to WordPress Admin

Based on user feedback we're aware of some situations where your form results don't get saved to your WP Admin, resulting in missing data. In this article you can find the known issues with this.

Check your plugin version

First of all, check which version of the Tripetto plugin you're on. You can find which version you're on the Plugins section in your WP Admin. Check our article on updating the plugin if you're not on the latest release version.

Check databases

Next, check if the required databases are inside your WP instance (it depends on your config how to access your database admin). Check if the following tables exist: tripetto_forms, tripetto_entries, tripetto_attachments.

If not, please contact us, so we can help you with solving this.

Conflicting plugins

WordPress offers lots of plugins, so we can't prevent all conflicts with other plugins, as everybody uses a different set of plugins. Based on some user feedback we are aware of conflicts with the following (type of) plugins:

  • Wordfence
    This plugin might block the Tripetto plugin to submit data.
    To solve this, enable the Learn mode inside the Wordfence plugin and then complete a Tripetto form in your WP site. Wordfence then learns that Tripetto wants to send data. After that you can disable the Learn mode again.
  • Optimize, minify and bundle plugins
    All of these type of plugins might mess up some scripts of the Tripetto plugin.
    To solve this, in most plugins you can exclude the Tripetto scripts from the plugin, preventing it to influence the Tripetto scripts. How to do this, depends on each particular plugin.

Still not working?

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problems with the WordPress plugin. Using the chat will be the fastest and easiest way to do so. We're happy to help you!

Use these helplines if you have any questions, problems or requests