Let your respondents pause and resume their form entries

Yes, respondents to your Tripetto forms can pause and resume their form entries, so they can continue later on. Especially handy with large forms.

Pause and resume in shareable links

If your respondents use the form from the shareable tripetto.app link, the pause and resume functionality works with a resume link that will be sent to an email address.


Every Tripetto form you use with the shareable link has the Pause button in it. It depends on the different form faces how and where this button is shown.

If you click that button, the respondent can enter the email address. This email address will be used to send the resume link to. The pause form will even try to fill out the email address itself, based on any already filled out questions with question type 'Email address'.

After submitting the pause form, the resume link will be sent to the entered email address.


The resume link in the email takes the respondent back to the position where he/she paused the form, including all given answers until that point.

Pause and resume in embedded forms

If you choose to embed your form you can also use the pause and resume functionality, but how this works depends on how you store your form data. For more information on this, you can see this article with all the details on taking control over data in embedded forms.

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