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How to use form templates in the studio

In the studio you can share your form stuctures with other users, so you can collaborate on the building process. This works with form templates and we'd like to show you how this works.

Share as template

To share a form structure with someone else, click the icon on the top leftClick Share as template.

Screenshot of template link in Tripetto
Start sharing a template.

A new pane will show up on the right side of the form builder. Over there you'll find the URL to share this form as a template. You can send this template link to the desired recipient(s), for example via email or Slack.

Use a template

When you received a template link, just click it and the studio will open the form structure of the source form right away. You can save this template as a form in your own account by clicking Use this template in the top menu bar. The form will then be saved to your account in your default workspace/collection.

Screenshot of template usage in Tripetto
Start using a template.

Bear in mind that a template is only an exact duplicate of a source form. There's no connection between the source form and the new form you saved in your own account using the template link.

Use our example templates

We created some examples of templates you can use to kickstart your form building process. They show various implementations of logic and styling that you can use right away. You can even use any of these example in the studio right away by clicking the template link.

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