How to remove Tripetto branding in WordPress forms

Forms you create in the WordPress plugin show some Tripetto branding in the free version, but you can get rid of that in the premium version of the WordPress plugin.

About Tripetto branding

We show subtle Tripetto branding on some places in your form (below navigation buttons and in the closing message). By retaining it, you really help us to spread the word about Tripetto, so your users can see how you built that amazing form (😇).

But of course we also understand and respect it when you don't want to show our branding to your users. In that case you can simply hide it.

Remove Tripetto branding

At the top menu bar of the form builder click Style & settings. The Style & settings pane will show up on the left side of the form builder.

If you use the premium version of the plugin, you can enable the feature Branding on the left side of this pane. After enabling this feature you can tick the Remove branding option.

The form will now no longer show the Tripetto branding in the footer and ending message.

Enable the Remove branding option.

Branding still showing?

It could be your browser uses a cached version of your form. Please refresh the page your form is embedded in, while holding CTRL key. This should load the latest version of the form, without the branding.

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