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How to measure completion rates with form activity tracking

By using form activity tracking you can measure the completion rates. Let's dive a little deeper into using tracking data for this kind of analysis.

When to use

You can calculate the completion rates to analyze how often your form gets started and how many of those starts are actually completed.

To do this, Tripetto can track form activity of your respondents in your forms and send that data to Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel or even a custom tracking code. Let's see how to set this up and calculate the completion rate.

How to use

For this article we have connected our Tripetto form with Google Analytics (GA4) and we'll use that to take a closer look at the analysis.

Events to track

You can activate the desired events in the tracking settings in Tripetto ( AutomateTracking). To calculate completion rates you need to track the following two events:

  • Track form starting (tripetto_start) - Tracks when a form is started;
  • Track form completion (tripetto_complete) - Tracks when a form is completed.
Screenshot of tracking in Tripetto
Connect your Tripetto form with Google Analytics and activate the desired events.

Events in Google Analytics

If you now test your form, you will see that Google Analytics receives the tracking data. In Google Analytics the tracking data from Tripetto will be received in the section Engagement > Events. And you can see the recent events appear in the Real-time section (with a little delay).

📣 Info: Delay in Google Analytics

Please notice that although Tripetto sends all events in realtime, it can take some time (up to 24 hours) before Google Analytics shows the events from your Tripetto form.

Screenshot of tripetto_start event in Google Analytics
Tracking data of tripetto_start: 5 forms have been started.
Screenshot of tripetto_complete event in Google Analytics
Tracking data of tripetto_complete: 2 forms have been completed.


In our example you can see our form has been started 5 times and completed 2 times. With that data we can now calculate our completion rate like this:
2 out of 5 forms completed = 40% completion rate.

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