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How to match a combination of multiple conditions

Learn how you can combine multiple conditions to create a perfect match.

When to use

We've seen a simple example of a follow up that was in a branch with a single condition in this article. But instead of one condition per branch you can add as many conditions as you need to make the perfect match for your branch.

Demonstration of multiple matching conditions.

How to use

For this example we already added a couple of question blocks and created an empty branch.

Add branch conditions

In each branch you can add an unlimited amount of branch conditions, by clicking the button at the bottom of a branch. You can always use and combine all different types of branch conditions.

Set branch behavior

Each branch can behave in three different ways (more information):

  • For the first condition match (OR match);
  • When all conditions match (AND match);
  • For each condition match (iteration) (FOR match).

By default a branch gets executed on the first condition match, so if one of the conditions match. In this article we want to check if all conditions match. To do so, we click the branch bubble at the top and set the branch behavior to When all conditions match. Now the branch will only be followed if the respondent matches all conditions.

In the example below we created a branch with three conditions. All three conditions have to match to go into the branch. In this example that branch approves the appointment and sends a confirmation message.

Set the behavior to match all branch conditions.

Video tutorial

We have made several video tutorials on how to use logic. The video below will show how to use branch conditions.

Video tutorial on branch logic.

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