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How to manage your invoice for form upgrades in the studio

For each form upgrade in the studio you can download an invoice via our licensing partner Freemius. You can manage the billing information that gets used for those invoices.

Download invoice

After you purchased a form upgrade in the studio, you will receive a confirmation mail via our license partner Freemius. That confirmation mail contains a download link to your invoice, which will download a PDF version of your invoice to your computer.

Update billing information

In the confirmation mail you receive after your purchase, you will find the instructions to create an account at the Freemius User Dashboard. That's the central place to manage everything related to your purchase.

To update the billing information that gets used in your invoice, login to the Freemius User Dashboard. Then go to My profile and simply update the billing information. Now, if you go to Orders History, you can download the invoice with your updated business details.

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