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New feature! Form activity tracking with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

On top of our wish list (and yours) for a while was the ability to track form activity. And today we're very excited to release form tracking with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. This gives you the insights you need to analyze your form's performance.

Data = key

These days it's all about data! Data helps you to analyze what's happening and why that's happening. And with those insights you can take action to keep improving.

Online forms and surveys are no exception to that. With the right data you can analyze all kinds of behaviors, like:

  • Measure how often your form gets started, so you can analyze how many of your visitors actually start your form;
  • Measure how long it takes your respondents to complete your form, so you can analyze if your form is not too long;
  • Measure at which question most people abandon your form, so you can maybe improve that question.

Tripetto did not track all these activities in your forms yet. Until today!

Introducing form activity tracking

With the latest update of Tripetto, you can now track activities that your respondents perform inside your forms. Think of:

  • When a form gets started;
  • When a form gets completed;
  • When a certain question gets activated or deactivated;
  • When a certain input element gets focus or gets blurred.

These activities deliver you the data you need to make a good analysis of your form's performance. But that's not all!

Connect to tracking services

To make your tracking data really valuable, we made it super easy to send that data to the most used tracking services: Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel!

Just enter your Google Analytics ID and let Google Analytics do the analyzing for you.

Screenshot of tracking in Tripetto
Enable activity tracking with Google Analytics.

Simply enter your Facebook Pixel ID and get direct insights about your form in Facebook Business.

Screenshot of tracking in Tripetto
Enable activity tracking with Facebook Pixel.

Custom tracking code

With the custom tracking code it's even possible to connect to other tracking services. Or connect to your own endpoint to do it all on your own.

Screenshot of tracking in Tripetto
Enable activity tracking with custom tracking code.

Get started with form activity tracking

Form activity tracking is available for all our Tripetto platforms.

Using Tripetto WordPress plugin?

Update your WordPress plugin to the latest version (v4.2).

Form activity tracking is part of the WordPress Pro plan. Purchase a WordPress Pro license and get immediate access. Users that already have a premium/pro license get this new feature as part of that license of course!

Using Tripetto studio at

We updated the studio for you, so no action required from your side.

Form activity tracking is part of the studio upgrades. Purchase the studio upgrades and get access for one designated form. Users that already have unbranded a designated form get this new feature for that form of course!

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