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Runner Library API reference

The Tripetto Runner library is the workhorse of all Tripetto runners. It turns a form definition (the output of the builder) into an executable program; a virtual finite state machine that handles all the complex logic and response collection during the execution of the form. Apply a UI on top of it, and you have a usable runner!

✨ Installation ​

npm install @tripetto/runner
Typescript support

This package contains type declarations and supports TypeScript out-of-the-box.

💎 Classes​

🎀 Decorators​

Class decorators ℹī¸â€‹

Method decorators ℹī¸â€‹

â–ļī¸ Functions​

🗂ī¸ Modules​

⛓ī¸ Interfaces​

📇 Enums​

đŸ—ŋ Constants​

📁 Source code ​

The Tripetto Runner library code is on GitLab.