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ISnapshot interface

📖 Description​

Interface for the form instance snapshot that is used to restore form instances in runners. To obtain a snapshot you either pause the runner or use snapshot.


The snapshot object is designed to restore the virtual finite state machine to the exact state it was in when the object was generated. The object is not designed/optimized for human readability, hence the non-descriptive property names.

📜 JSON Schema​

đŸ“Ĩ Download JSON Schema


The JSON Schema follows the 2020-12 meta-schema.

📃 Type declaration​

interface ISnapshot<T> {
  a: IInstanceSnapshot[];Readonly
  b?: T;ReadonlyOptional
🖱ī¸ Hover with the mouse over a property name for a tooltip with the description of that property. Click it for more information.

🗃ī¸ Properties​

🏷ī¸ a​

Contains the snapshot data.



🏷ī¸ b​

Contains any custom data that should be stored in the snapshot. For example, the Autoscroll runner uses this property to store the scroll position of the runner.