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💳 Pricing

The runners are free to use as long as the Tripetto branding is enabled and clearly visible. The runners will show a link to the Tripetto website and this helps to spread the word about Tripetto. If you leave the Tripetto branding enabled, you don't need a license to use the runners.

If you want to disable and remove the Tripetto branding you need a license to do so. There are three options to acquire a runner license:

  • Option 1: Buy a runner SDK license to unlock the branding for a single runner on a single domain;
  • Option 2: Buy a builder SDK license (the builder SDK license comes with the right to use all of the runners without branding);
  • Option 3: Use the Tripetto Studio application to build and host a form definition and unlock the Tripetto branding for a single form (this option requires to fetch the form definition from the Studio API so the terms and conditions of the Tripetto Studio application apply).

Please see the pricing page for more information.

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