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Disable Tripetto branding

By default, a link to the Tripetto website is shown in the runner. It helps to spread the word about Tripetto. But, of course, there are cases where you want to disable and hide this so-called Tripetto branding.

License required!

You are only allowed to remove the Tripetto branding if you have bought a license. See the pricing page for more information about licensing and pricing.

💅 Remove the branding

To remove the branding you need to set a specific option in the styles object for your runner.

import { run } from "tripetto-runner-autoscroll";

definition: /* Supply your form definition here */,
styles: {
// Remove the branding. Make sure you have a license!
noBranding: true

📖 Reference

Have a look at the complete autoscroll runner API reference for detailed documentation. In the examples above, the following symbols were used: