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Runner API reference

This section contains the API reference for all the runner-related packages.

🏃 Stock runners

Stock runners are full-features runners built and maintained by the Tripetto team. Each stock runner has its own appearance and user experience.

▶️ Autoscroll runner API reference

▶️ Chat runner API reference

▶️ Classic runner API reference

▶️ Classic Fluent UI runner API reference

⚙️ Runner Library

The Runner library is the workhorse of all Tripetto runners. It turns a form definition into an executable program; a virtual finite state machine that handles all the complex logic and response collection during the execution of the form. Apply a UI on top of it, and you have a usable runner.

▶️ Runner Library API reference

🧶 Runner Fabric

The Runner Fabric package contains a set of UI components that are used in the stock runners.

▶️ Runner Fabric API reference

🪝 Runner React Hook

The runner React Hook package wraps the Runner library in a convenient React Hook, making it even easier to build a custom runner using React.

▶️ Runner React Hook API reference