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Form data persistency

The stock runners have a built-in feature to maintain form state persistency. This feature allows respondents to leave an HTML page that contains a form and later return to it. The form restores to the same state right before the respondent left. This feature can be useful, for example, when you have embedded a chat runner on multiple (or all) pages of your website and you want to maintain the runner state between page jumps.

☝️ How it works

The persistency feature uses the locale storage of the browser to store the snapshot when the respondent navigates away from the page that hosts the runner. When a respondent returns to the page, the stored snapshot is fed back to the runner, and the form state is restored.

✅ Activating it

To enable data persistency, you only have to supply the persistent property to the run function and set it to true.

import { run } from "@tripetto/runner-autoscroll";

definition: /* Supply your form definition here */,
persistent: true

📖 Reference

Have a look at the complete autoscroll runner API reference for detailed documentation. In the examples above, the following symbols were used: