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IRunnerChangeEvent interface

📖 Description​

Describes the event interface for the onChange event of the runner instance.

📃 Type declaration​

interface IRunnerChangeEvent {
  runner: Runner;Readonly
  change: "started" | "render" | "evaluating" | "validated" | "forward" | "backward" | "progress" | "finishing" | "finished" | "stopped" | "paused" | "mode" | "preview";Readonly
  instance: Instance;Readonly
  storyline: Storyline;Readonly
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🗃ī¸ Properties​

🏷ī¸ change​

Specifies what's changed. It can be one of the following values:

  • started: The form instance is started;
  • render: The form UI should render;
  • evaluating: The form is evaluating;
  • validated: The form is validated;
  • forward: A step forward is made in the form;
  • backward: A step backward is made in the form;
  • progress: The progress of the form is changed;
  • finishing: The form is finishing;
  • finished: The form is completed and finished;
  • stopped: The form is stopped;
  • paused: The form is paused.
  • mode: The mode of the runner is changed;
  • preview: The preview mode of the runner is changed.


"started" | "render" | "evaluating" | "validated" | "forward" | "backward" | "progress" | "finishing" | "finished" | "stopped" | "paused" | "mode" | "preview"

🏷ī¸ instance​

Reference to the form instance.



🏷ī¸ runner​

Reference to the runner instance that generated the event.



🏷ī¸ storyline​

Reference to the form storyline.