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Blocks API reference

This API reference contains all the block-related exports of the Tripetto Builder package. These exports are used when developing custom blocks.


This package is also used when integrating the builder into custom projects. The API reference for integrating the builder is located in the builder documentation.

✨ Installation ​

npm install @tripetto/builder
Typescript support

This package contains type declarations and supports TypeScript out-of-the-box.

💎 Classes​

🎀 Decorators​

Class decorators ℹī¸â€‹

Property decorators ℹī¸â€‹

Method decorators ℹī¸â€‹

â–ļī¸ Functions​

🗂ī¸ Modules​

⛓ī¸ Interfaces​

đŸ—ŋ Constants​

📁 Source code ​

The Tripetto Builder package code is on GitLab.