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The @conditions decorator is used to mark a method of a NodeBlock that defines the possible conditions (also called condition templates) for the block. The builder uses this method to populate a list with possible conditions, so the user can easily add new conditions to the form.

Decorator type

Method ℹ️

Applies to

Decorator signature


Decorated method signature

(conditions: ConditionsOrchestrator): void

Decorated method parameters

conditionsConditionsOrchestratorNoReference to the ConditionsOrchestrator instance that is used to define possible conditions for a NodeBlock.

The ConditionsOrchestrator instance is also available using the conditions property of a NodeBlock.


import { tripetto, conditions, NodeBlock } from "@tripetto/builder";

type: "node",
identifier: "example-block",
label: "Example",
icon: ""
class ExampleBlock extends NodeBlock {
onConditions(): void {
// Define conditions here...

condition: ExampleCondition