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Custom blocks

You can extend Tripetto with more question types and functionality by building a custom block. Do you need a question type that's not available as a stock block? Or want to develop a condition block that controls if certain branches of the form are taken or not? Or perhaps build a block that performs a certain operation for the form. Anything is possible!

🎓 This chapter contains all the information you need to start developing a custom block.

✍️ Building a custom block requires TypeScript programming skills.

📦 You will use the builder and Runner library, both published on npm.


If you haven't read the introduction to Tripetto blocks yet, we recommend doing that first. It explains the types of blocks you can develop and introduces some terms we use in the rest of the documentation.

🚀 Quickstart

Follow one of the quick start tutorials to jumpstart developing a custom block. When you have the basic implementation of your block ready, have a look at the guides to add more features to your block. But first, what kind of block do you want to develop?

▶️ Visual block: A new visual block (question type) for a form;

▶️ Condition block: A condition block for use in conditional branches of a form;

▶️ Headless block: An invisible block that performs a certain operation for a form.