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Populates a collection of slots in the form.


source: Node | NodeBlock | Condition | ConditionBlock,
filter?: {
mode?: "all" | "validated" | "self" | "exclude";
pipes?: "include" | "include-consumed-slots" | "exclude" | "exclude-consumed-slots" | "only";
blocks?: string[];
references?: string[];
include?: string[];
exclude?: string[];
): ISlotIdentifier[] | undefined


sourceNode | NodeBlock | Condition | ConditionBlockNoSpecifies the source for the collection.
filterobjectYesSpecifies filters for the function. The following filters are available:
- mode: Supply all to use all slots in the form, validated to return only the slots that could be available for the source (basically these are all the slots prepending the supplied source), self to return all validated slots and the slots of the supplied source, or exclude to return all slots excluding the slots of the supplied source (defaults to all);
- pipes: Specifies if pipes need to be populated. Can be include to include pipes (this will exclude all the slots that are consumed by the pipe), include-consumed-slots will include pipes and all the slots that are consumed by the pipe, exclude will ignore pipes, exclude-consumed-slots will ignore pipes and the slots that are consumed by the pipe, and only will only include pipes and no other slots (defaults to include);
- blocks: Specifies block identifiers or types to filter on;
- references: Specifies slot references to filter on;
- include: Specifies slot identifiers to include;
- exclude: Specifies slot identifiers to exclude.

Return value

Returns an array with ISlotIdentifier or undefined if there are none.